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Permanent Eyebrows Makeup

Microblading & Permanent Makeup

No pain - no swelling - no medicine - ink always ensures 100% origin, so there is no fear of blushing red over time.

The touch up will do after 4-6weeks.

Skill Brows advantages:

  •  Keep ink after peeling 90%

  •  Healing time: 5-7 days

  •  Minimize skin damage

  •  Do not abstain from eating and drinking

Currently, Skill Brows technology is one of the top trends chosen and trusted by customers. “Skill Brows” satisfy the most demanding customers!


Skill Brows: is a hair stroke technique, bringing artistic beauty, natural fluttering eyebrows, fake hair interwoven with real hair. Soft lines create 2 effects light and thin hair, create a 3D effect on the eyebrows.

PENCIL EFFECT (Magic Shading)

Magic Shading is the trend that meets the expectations of the most demanding customers. The subtlety and ingenuity of creating color gradations makes eyebrows look much more natural than previous embroidery methods.

This technique is suitable for those old tattooed eyebrows that are still bold, also cover the scar on eyebrows. Customer like the sharpness and eyebrows that have been sprayed with embroidery but have blue or red blossoms


MICROBLADING is one of the most semi-permanent beauty techniques, as well as the most beautiful and natural technique today. The shape is drawn based on the proportions of each person's face, thin, borderless lines, the colors are also made in real hair color so the finished product will be extremely natural. If you always like youthful beauty, you should not ignore this Microblading technique


MICROSHADING: mix 2 technique (Microlading and shading)

* Implementation time: 90 minutes

* Healing time: 5-7 days

* After completing 4-6 weeks, customer should come back for inspection and add more color make they last long and even color.

* After filling, finished product will stay on skin for 2years (depend to your skin kinds)

Microlading (Permanent Makeup)

$250 up

$200 up

Full lips

Touch up
Shading (Ombré Brows)




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